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Learn about Kitchens
Kitchen Information.

Kitchen Information.

Kitchen information

Kitchen information

 Learn about kitchens 


Has some sales person told you about a product and you don't know whether 
he was speaking in English or Spanish or Double Dutch, 
and you think he may be biased to the product that he is selling?
We do all products so here is an almost unbiased opinion.



In the kitchen industry there are only,

 Four main categories of doors.

All doors fit into these categories.




(A) Laminate square edge doors . 

These come in large sheets and are cut to size and edged with edge tape.

As long as they are edged with 1 or 2 mm p.v.c. and not the thinner tapes

 they are a reasonably good door.

However they only come in a flat shape with, 4 square edges.. 

They are considered cheapies in the industries but nowadays 

are a very good and tough door.

(They are a chipboard or mdf door coated with a thin melamine sheeting)





(B) Vinyl wrap doors.

These doors come in hundred of patterns and colors, both in texture and gloss surfaces. 

They are very tough, especially the textured surface. 

Their main  drawback is that they can be affected by extreme heat.  

We used to highly recommend them,

 but their problem with heat is such a big  problem that now we do not. 

Heat is a massive problem

(They are a mdf door that has a vinyl covering heat shrinked on to the surface.)

(Recommended in kitchen situations only if your kids are little horrors)

 We now can do 2 pac doors at the same price as previous vinyl

 so why choose vinyl in heat areas. 

( Not recommended )



(C) 2 pac doors. 

These doors come in hundred of patterns and thousands of colors in gloss, satin and matt.

  Their minor drawback is that they can chip if hit with considerable force.

2 pac is car paint and your car exterior is pretty tough

(They are a mdf door painted with car paint) 

(Very Highly recommended) 




(D) Timber doors. 

 These come in a few standard shapes and many species of timber ( prices vary accordingly).  

Their disadvantage is that many species do yellow and they need resurfacing over the years. 

Their advantage is that they can take abuse and can be resurfaced. 

If you are a timber lover nothing else comes close. 

(They are made of pieces of timber glued together

 then painted with a clear paint.)







In the kitchen industry there are only

Five main categories of bench tops. 

All bench tops fit into these categories.

(A)Laminate tops .

These are the most common in the industry. 

They come in various colors and various surfaces, with a variety of edges, 

Square and many different  forms of Rolled edges “Postformed  is the industry term”. 

They are the basic top and are the backbone of the industry. 

( recommended, mainly because of the price)



(B) Granite tops.

These  tops are in the opinion of the writer the “Rolls Royce of bench tops.“

They are a piece of rock cut away from certain quarries,

 from many different countries throughout the world.

They come in many colors,

 and are usually 20 mm thick and with an edge build up appear to be 40 mm thick.

 How good is granite compared to man made products ?

When you are in the flashiest of hotels, you are walking on granite tiles,

 their benchtops are of granite which is  not a man made product 

and that's as good as it gets

(Very highly reccomended)





(C) Stone   

These are “man made” products.  They are usually crushed quartz,  with a resin mix.

They are priced approx the same as low-range  Granite.

They are very hard and are generally a good hard top. 

If you  wish to have the whitish, even colors 

that are displayed in many kitchen magazines at present

 then this one of only two products available.

It is not as forgiving as granite to hot items.

( Not suitable for splash back behind gas hot plates.)

  ( Highly recommended) 



(D) Staron or Corian  

 These are a “man made” product and very similar to one another. 

They are made of a bauxite resin mix.  

These are 100% non porous


and while they have a softer surface and can scratch easily 

they tend to keep their color much better than the other man made products.

They can also be repaired  if any damage occurs 

and can also  be buffed up to their original state at a cost.

The price is higher than stone  and approximately the same price a higher range granite.    

 ( recommended but not a popular choice)   




Tassy oak, New Guinea Rosewood ,Brushed Box and many more.

These used to be only as good as the polish on the surface, 

none of which were very successful over a long period of time.

However now with the product called “Country Oil” 

which is not really oil because it sets hard.

Original Kitchens when it supplies such a top, only puts on one coat on the bench top. 

You the customer has the privilege on putting on the remaining coats.

This is done with a rag over a period of days. (piece of cake).

Question,   Why would the customer be required to put on the oil?

The answer is; you will then realize just how easy it is

and when the surface becomes the worst for ware, 

you will feel confident in putting on another coat. 

This way the tops will remain in top condition forever. 



Todays Kitchen Industry.

Because China is as it is, it can and does produce  

 Better kitchens that Australia.

I travelled to China some time ago to see if those communist red devils,

 could make a reasonable kitchen.

Well was I in for a supprise!

I found that that their kitchens  were superior to ours.

We can obtain Aussie quality

low formaldhyde high water resistant board ( Australian Standard )

We can obtain acryllic bench tops

( Same as Corian and Starron )


We can obtain Quartz stone

( Same as  Caesar stone, Smart stone, Sim stone, Quantum quartz.)


They supply German made Soft close blum hinges and Soft close drawer slides.

The prices end up thousands of dollars less than our Aussie kitchen,

 when the dollar exchange rate allows.


Come and see us for whatever Kitchen you require.

But if you want quality for a low price order a kitchen imported from China.

Please Note

( Kitchen imported from Europe are not made of board to Aussie standards

and are usually not moisture resistant at all )








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