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About Us
About Us

We are essentially a family business that has been in the industry or 30 or so years. 

. We manufacture and import kitchens with full warranties,

We have installers with B.S.A. registration. availiable

but as the industry is changing so are we.

We have had the Top Designing Software for the last 20 years.

Now as time moves on, we have to work with ,and compete with, The Chinese product.

We also use some of the quality Chinese products.

They are constantly getting better .

We are now supplying some of them directly from China although the waiting time is approx 12 weeks.

Why do people like dealing with us?

The constant feedback is that beacause we use all the different products

they receive unbiased answers to their inquiries.

We as a family business want to do business with you.

(We would rather be fishing but next best would be doing business with you, please come and visit us.)



What is our Aim or Motto?

Well our aim is to get your money into our bank account and

to make you so happy to have done so

that you might like to do it again sometime

(Well does that motto make any sense? sounds pretty realistic to me.)

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